Yoga FAQs

Where do I begin?

There is no right or wrong way to kick off your exploration of Yoga through Four Paths. Look through available courses and check out those that seem interesting to you. Don’t feel you have to sit through anything that isn’t serving you. Try a variety of courses until you find a path or instructors that resonate with you. Stay open, as you may find your preferences change over time. There is so much to explore!

What’s the cost to participate?

Four Paths Yoga is currently in its launch period and offering a free trial to those interested to try out courses and give feedback. Interested? Contact us at

Monthly Membership (free cancellation, anytime): $11.08

Should I complete one Path completely before moving to the next?

Feel free to mix and match courses to fully explore and experience the various ways to practice yoga. You will likely find that you are more drawn to some practices than others. Continue to do what feels right, and stay open to exploring as your path evolves and changes with you.

Are there opportunities to learn from Four Paths Yoga instructors in person, such as training courses or retreats?

We love being able to serve you from afar. We would love even more to meet and practice together in person! Retreats, events and trainings coming soon.

Have a question we haven’t answered here?

Please submit your questions via the Contact page and it may appear here. Either way, we will get back to you with a response to your inquiry.

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